Monday, September 20, 2010


      Dear friends ! do you know, our primary education starts from home and the mother is the first teacher. The mother's lap is the first school of child. As we are aware of this fact that the mother as a teacher, is the only foundation of a child in the great building of the social life, because while staying with the mother the child learns all the human qualities.

      According to psychologist whatever good or bad child learn's upto five years. at home is the only foundation because what he learns the same is only be developed later. So, the mother is the first teacher of a child then father and there after other close relatives.
      The atmosphere of the home and environment of the home and locality is very important in growth of a child. I would like to advise, that while dealing with the child the parents especially the mother should be very very careful about bringing up a child.
     In this way we see that the mother plays a very important role as a teacher in the development of the child and thus proves to be a good teacher.

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