Sunday, September 19, 2010

What is LOVE?

Love is when your mom comes to you at night & say:
 "बेटा  ! I love you"
Love is when your भाभी say:
"ओये ! कोई लड़की-वडकी पटाई की नहीं"

Love is when you sister say:
"भाई ! मेरी शादी के बाद मुझसे झगडा कौन करेगा "

Love is when you are mood less and your brother says:
"चल कही घूम कर आते हैं "

Love is when your best friend calls you & says:
"कमीने ! तेरे बिना दिल नहीं लगता "

That’s LOVE. DON’T MISS IT IN LIFE. Love is not only for GirlFriend or BoyFriend.

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  1. "कमीने ! तेरे बिना दिल नहीं लगता "